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Top 10 Logistics Metrics to Measure Supply Chain Efficiency in your Warehouse

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"Tracking these logistics metrics can help you identify and tackle issues in your warehouse before they become a problem."

The supply chain plays an integral part in maintaining a well-functioning organization. A well-structured and organized warehouse will help you achieve your distribution goals and adequately analyze metrics.

You can think of it like when you are trying to decide what to make for dinner, but cannot remember what food you have in your fridge. If your items are organized and you are aware of what is in your fridge (the warehouse), then you can properly make your dinner decision (packing and preparing for delivery distribution).

While you may be aware of some metrics to track, you might still be missing others. But, that’s where we come in with our list of the top 10 logistics metrics to measure supply chain efficiency in your warehouse.

To keep reading more, please view the full article on the Fronetics; Marketing the Supply Chain blog.

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