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Do you need more specialized shipping and warehouse services for your goods? We have you covered! Catch-Up Logistics offers a wide variety of specialized warehouse services. Whether you need a hot room, special shrink wrapping, or commercial food storage, our team has you covered. We stand behind our customer service, and we provide specialized shipping services to better help everyone with whatever they need for their goods.


Providable and Reliable

From commercial food storage to specific sorting, our specialized services are performed at a high level. Our staff is made up of highly trained and efficient individuals who all provide professional warehousing and distribution solutions. At Catch-Up Logistics, we put our customers’ needs first and customize our services accordingly. Our specialized services are designed to cover any unique demands that you may have. By offering services, such as commercial food storage and holding goods for other distributors, we stand out from other warehouse and distribution companies that don’t offer specialized shipping services.

Our Specialized Services Include:

  • Specific Storing

  • Shrink Wrapping

  • Special Sorting

  • Building of Hot Rooms

  • Temperature-Controlled Storage

  • Procurement, namely, purchasing raw food products and food ingredients for others

  • Holding for Other Distributors and Much More!

Why Choose Us?

At Catch-Up Logistics, we want to make sure your warehousing and distribution services run effortlessly and efficiently. We will even help delivery trucks get back on schedule if behind. From accounting and financing to transportation, we take care of all the logistics to take the pressure off you. Catch-Up Logistics is client-oriented and responsive, and we highly value and take pride in our customer service. We put your needs first. Work with Catch-up Logistics for your specialized warehouse services! To get more information regarding our specialized services, don’t hesitate to call us at (412) 441-9512. We look forward to working with and accommodating all of your warehousing and distribution needs.

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