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Catch-Up Logistics offers technology, accounting, and financing services that reduce the stress for our clients. From content labeling to kitting and repacking, we are an all-inclusive company. Let us take these services over for you! We want to take the pressure of accounting and financing off your shoulders.


Catch-Up Logistics understands the critical role that technology plays in any supply chain operation. Therefore, we offer high-quality equipment and services to best perform the solutions required for our clients’ needs. We also use warehouse management software to ensure flexibility and scalability for the processes of each individual client.


Our warehouse management software modules and system functionality are activated as required to ensure every customer account operates as accurately and efficiently as possible. From real-time inventory tracking to scanning controls, our software system features it all. Our software provides our clients with real-time tracking in efforts to provide our clients with a feeling of security for their goods.

 System Features & Capabilities:

System Features & Capabilities

Accounting & Financing Services:

We understand the need for financing and accounting services and will take care of those requirements for our clients as well. Our financing and accounting services make your warehousing and distribution services work as smoothly as possible. Our variety of accounting and financing services are here to help you!

Accounting and financial services for your company include:

  • Invoice Creation

  • Collection of Funds

  • Payment of Vendors

  • Electronic Funds Transfer

  • Inventory Financing

  • Factoring of Accounts Receivable​

Catch-Up Logistics takes care of all your technology, accounting, and financing needs. We understand the importance of technology, accounting, and financing—and we even understand the stress that they can provide. Let us take over these services for you. To learn more about our accounting and financing services or to experience what we can do for you, contact us today at 412-441-9512. We look forward to working with you!

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