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Catch-Up Logistics has been an integral part of my business model, providing supply chain solutions to assist and support my business for the last ten years. Their Customer Service staff is extremely professional and accurate. They continue to perform at the highest level and work in the best interest of my company goals. I have called on their expertise many times during our last business relationship and I truly value their professionalism and knowledge. I highly recommend Catch-Up Logistics to you for your transportation, warehousing, and the many other logistics services they have to offer. They are a highly credible source in their industry.

I’ve personally been working with Catch-Up Logistics through a Consignment Warehouse Program for 15 + years. Service, adaptability and a customer first attitude are their greatest strengths. They have continually adapted to our schedule changes without any effect on delivery appointments. Quality personnel and very reliable.

When Catch-Up Logistics was formed in 1995, I was one of their original customers. We had goals to reduce our in house inventory and to have just in time materials quickly available for our multiple locations. Catch-up met our requirements in an exemplary manner. Down times become almost nonexistent and our ingredient inventory was reduced by over 50%. Always quick to respond and operating in a very professional manner, their service proved to be an invaluable tool in our daily operations.

In summary, I highly recommend their supply chain management program.

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