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From labeling and repacking to accounting and finance, our warehousing and distribution in Davenport has you covered! We stand out from our competition because we provide warehousing, storage, transportation, logistics, labeling, repacking, accounting, and finance services.


Our cold storage warehouses in Davenport feature temperature-controlled storage units and the highest level of security. Catch-Up Logistics provide you with solutions to your warehousing and storage needs by reducing your inventory levels at production locations, prescreening inventory for damage, and maintaining and reporting inventory levels monthly.

Some of our Warehouse and Storage Services include:

  • Labeling/Repacking

  • EDI Capable

  • Cross Docking and Transloading

  • Scanning

  • Real Time of Live Inventory

For more details regarding our Davenport cold storage warehouse and storage services, view our Warehousing/Storage page.

Whether you need cross-docking, vendor consolidations, or consignment inventory, our warehousing and distribution in Davenport can accommodate you. Catch-Up Logistics provides cost-saving services, expert handling, schedule flexibility, and many other solutions to ensure the safety of your goods.

Some of our Transportation and Logistics Services include:

  • Common Carrier authority

  • Dry van and reefer capabilities

  • Multiple vendor consolidation

  • Consignment Inventory

  • Cross-Docking Rail and Container Transloading Services

  • Asset based truck fleet

To learn more about these services, visit our Transportation/Logistic page.

For all of your labeling and packing needs, Catch-Up Logistics is here to help. From custom food labeling to printed film, our warehousing and distribution in Davenport offers it all.

Some of our Labeling and Repacking Services include:


  • Co- and multi- packing

  • Variety Packs

  • Pick & Pack

  • Custom Food Labeling

  • Reconditioning Services

  • Fulfillment Services

If you want to learn more about the labeling and repacking services we offer, visit our Labeling/Repacking page.

As an all-encompassing warehouse and distribution company, we also provide full-service accounting and finance solutions. We want to be your go-to destination for all of your logistics needs. At our Davenport location, we offer everything from inventory financing to payment of vendors.

Some of our Accounting and Financing Service Include:

  • Invoice Creation

  • Collection of Funds

  • Payment of Vendors

  • Electronic Funds Transfer

  • Inventory Financing

Visit our Technology/Accounting & Financing page to find out more about our services.

From Davenport cold storage warehouses to custom labeling, Catch-up Logistics has what you need. View our Specialized Service page too see the other services we provide. Contact us at 412-441-9512 if you have any questions. Catch-Up Logistics looks forward to working with you!

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